Waiting for thanksgiving…or maybe not and Greg Chappel[:( ]

Posted: November 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

So the thanksgiving season is almost here…i had this big big list of things that i wanted to buy, but it seems as the season is getting closer, i am losing a bit of my interest…(or am i short of the green papers)…well whatever…i will get my hands on something interesting…

On another note, it seems some people have a habit of bringing up things long after the junta even forgets that they were anywhere around…Greg Chappell (the once great coach of the Indian cricket team) seems to have suddenly remembered that BCCI played down the incident where he was hit by some random guy in Orissa. He claims that it was not because the public was dissatisfied with the fact that some players were not included in the team, but because Indians are racists…umm really…it took him so much time to realize that…man…people will do anything to get popular…

Hey…Ubuntu seems to be one heck of an operating system…its linux based…does not need fancy configurations that any Windows operating system does…and has almost everything that is needed for basic computer usage…I should be able to get it into my machine pretty soon…(its actually my wife’s machine, so the ‘pretty soon’ is an exaggeration:))
Here is their website:


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