Why Mr. Chappell…why now!!!

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

Lots of interesting things happening around the world…India of course played beautifully to beat Pakistan in the ODI series. This Pakistan team really does not look like one which can provide a serious challenge… at least not at this time…I hope the test series is more competitive…and i also hope that Sachin Tendulkar gets out of the bad habit of getting out in 90s…man it was heartbreaking yesterday…and like TOI said…he must have a real big heart to come back with the same spirit on the field, after getting out in 90s, 6 times in one year…heck…

In between, i have a few things to say to Mr Greg Chappell. I honestly was a big fan of this guy until of course he turned out to be another one of those people who are not quite bold enough to accept that they were a part of the problem…whats up with the sudden outburst Mr Chappell?
First he says that Indians are racists(as noted in one of my earlier posts too), and now he says that he always knew that India will lose the world cup because he was given an aging team…ha…ridiculous….I have lost all my respect for this guy…why for instance, does it take so much time to come up with such stupid excuses for failure…I am sure everyone realizes that India could have performed better at the World cup, but to say that it was an aging team is absurd…man…some people are such a big load of crap, and they are not even embarrassed by showing it to everyone…god bless the rajasthan cricket board which has employed GCs services again…

On another note…i have not seen one decent thanksgiving offer till now…thats sad… šŸ˜¦


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