A lazy weekend…

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well…i have almost spent this weekend on my couch…completely…and it does not make me happy to even think about Monday…thats probably always the case..Monday’s are not the best of the days…and generally if i get through Monday’s without much issues, the rest of the week turns out pretty good…

but hey…this week should be as much fun as the last one…you know what…i guess no one can help but love the weeks where there is an extra day off…we just had one last week(Veteran’s day, only off in New England…suck on it!!), and we will have it again this week for thanksgiving…should be a nice week…the other good part is that almost all of the office is expected to be not available on the Friday(the day after Thanksgiving), so it should be a nice, peaceful day to work in the office…(such a loser sentiment, but thats my job!!)

and yeah i will be hooked on to the web for all the deals of the season….i do have a list…although its gotten shorter…but i still intend to buy some stuff…fingers crossed for that…hopefully some of my stuff will be sold online at a low price…(i really dont think i would sacrifice my sleep to stand in front of a store in the winter…)…

On a sporty note…India won the series against Pakistan, but lost the final game…but no hurt…no hurt really….looking forward to the test matches now…


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