Innovation…how much of it is exciting…

Posted: November 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

yeah…as a matter of fact, this is something i think about a lot…why dont i feel the same sense of excitement when i see a new invention in the market…or do these new things even deserve to be called ‘inventions’…not really, if you ask me…

hear this…invention should ideally put a spark in you (hopefully at the right place!!), it should be something that everyone should talk about…how many of such things have we been seeing lately…maybe a handful, or not even that…

I have always been of the opinion that the last 20 years have been exponential as far as progress is concerned…both technically and socially…and now that upward going line has suddenly flattened…we see the same kind of equipment being re designed and re modelled and re packaged and that probably is as much invention as we are seeing…also, there is not so much of that suspense factor about something new…a new intel chip is supposed to work faster, a new ipod is supposed to make you look cooler and a new windows OS is supposed to make personal computing easier(hmm…the last one is just for funsies); but frankly…all this is expected…so where are the real inventors…or maybe i am not aware of all that is happening around me….

Well…what got me re-thinking about all this is the new gadget developed my amazon…called kindle, which is a wireless and portable reading device and is supposed to make your reading look much cooler…hmmm…check out for yourself on the homepage of amazon….the product does look cool, but will it redefine reading…only time will tell…but do i consider it an invention…nope…i don’t…its just something that got me excited for a few minutes….helped me write all this stuff…and will probably be something i will look forward to owning whenever i have the greenbacks… šŸ™‚

  1. Amit says:

    Well…Steven Levitt decided to blog about Kindle after i did…hmmm…impressive me…:-)

    Check this out:

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