lazy lazy…thou strikest again!!

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

yup…its the same old story for me…have been trying to get some of my thoughts into words and jot them down here, but my lazy bones(almost all of them), have been inhibiting me from doing the same…the phrase “there we go again” applies perfectly to mortals of my breed…we start with a lot of excitement but it withers down as soon as the initial thrill is over…nice to put it down in words…atleast i will feel a wee bit guilty when i read this again…

anyway, its been a fun few days, with the thanksgiving holidays, not too much work, and also a lot of shopping to think about…i did go to one of these outlet malls on the midnight of the black friday and believe me, it was as if the whole of my town, and several other towns and a few bigger cities around it had gathered there to shop that night…yup, it even looked as if it was the grand opening of the first shopping mall ever!! Probably it is always like this…i witnessed it for the first time and it was awesome…did end up buying a few things…

I just picked up another book by Scott Adams, called “Stick to drawing comics monkey brain”…its an awesome collection of a writer whom i admire very much, because he is the only one who understands and articulates the agony of an office worker so very nicely…well this book is a little different in that he has complied a few of his own blogs and thoughts and made quite an interesting read altogether…looking forward to finishing this one quick…

On a different note…its getting rather chilly here in New England, and probably it will be early snow this time around…not looking forward to it..but what the heck…and yeah, just to close on one of my earlier entries…Kindle eventually seems to be not that big a hit amongst people, and i may have been right when i said that i have doubts about it redefining reading…duh…hard to replace the pen and paper stuff…


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