Its been quite a break…

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well…i will have to be honest here…i really could not figure out what to write for so many days now…i dont even know if i have enough substance for this one…but what the heck…while my new antivirus(Panda) scans through the core of my machine, i will try and pen down something, just so that i can maintain some continuity in this blog…

The chill in the weather has just started to get a little too uncomfortable for me and i do anticipate a sudden increase in the number of clothes that i will be wearing in the next few days…not the best option…i dont like getting overloaded with clothes…but then it does help me hide the little tummy that i have developed from the time that i have stopped hitting the gymnasium…and believe me you…i do intend to do something about it… and pretty soon…

In between everything…the 2nd test natch between India and Pakistan seems to be a run feast…not very entertaining….i am seriously hoping for a result in this one…and going completely off the topic…i am almost about to finish Freakonomics, and i will surely have something to write on that book pretty soon…so hang on…(who ever is interested!!) chow for now…


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