Can i be political on this blog…or should i?

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hi there…again!!! its been a long time…my slack attitude completely took over me and despite of having a lot of time in the past few days, i chose to prefer squandering it on nothing, rather than do some precious little writing…well thats me i guess…cant help it…

So, the question i am trying to ask here is something thats been lingering on my mind for quite a while…Can normal people like me (and by normal i mean, not having a particular expertise in writing stuff) write about political issues going around in the world…or should i be worried about whats right or wrong??

There have been so many things happening around the world, ranging from leaders getting assassinated to the bloody rise in fuel prices; from the victory of a complete religion centric political party in elections in India to yeah of course, the good old topic of the Iraq war; that i cant help but develop an opinion about everything…i am sure many of you guys also have opinion about each of these things…

So whats keeping me from expressing all these things freely, right here on this little blog…i guess one thing is that its not going to make for interesting reading for everyone…(ha, there is hardly anyone reading this blog actually!!), the other things that keeps me from doing it is that i really dont know how to be politically correct about such issues…so god forbid, if i do write something out of sheer excitement (and it wont be legally wrong to exercise my right to free speech), and it turns out to be offensive to someone in this damn huge world, i dont want to get into any trouble….yup, thats the thing that makes me not write about such things…

So even if i am being terribly hopeful thinking that my blog is being read by so many people that it will actually end up offending someone, i would rather not write on any such topic until i learn the art of being politically correct…

and yeah…all help is welcome


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