India wins…finally!!

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

After the furore created in the Sydney test match, it was great to see India give a performance of a lifetime to win the Perth test match against a team which made claims of decimating the Indian team on the so called fastest wicket in the world. Well, all i have to say to Shaun Tait and associates is “Duh!!”.

The Sydney test match marked a definite new low in cricket. I do not want to blabber too much on how and why did all that happen, but i do think that it was a commendable performance from India, especially when they were not even given a speck of a chance by their own countrymen. The most interesting part was to see the bets swinging in India’s favor as the match progressed, and finally it was something like $1.27 for an Indian win and $12 for australia…seems like the betting people also lost confidence in the fighting unit that the australian team is.

All things apart, i cant help but be flattered by India’s performance…also i cant help and be cautious…i dont think its the decline in the aussie game that led to their defeat and ofcourse they made some terrible decisions, but still, this was a case of a team which was ready to challenge the hell out of themselves beating a team which thought it will come all too easy for them. I like this attitude; infact this is the only attitude that will work with australia, and Anil Kumble and team needs to realize this. Obviously, the comments about the golden era being over for australia is all rubbish…its just a case of some of the aussie media being too harsh on their team and their counterparts in India not able to digest the long awaited victory. And i dont deny that the sydney test has a lot to do with this thinking as well.

All said, its the perfect launchpad for India to win the Adelaide test and prove that the resurgence in them was not short lived; that they can play the mental game as well as their opponents; that placing a leg gully for Ponting was not a fluke but a well thought out strategy, and finally that Indian team is also as hungry to win as Aussies are…

Still, there is some part of my brain that keeps telling me to watch out for the Aussies in the adelaide test…and also to be careful…very careful…


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