Looking for creativity…

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have recently found it very hard to compose something for this blog. I would be lying if i dont attribute most of this to my work schedule which is not something i want to blog about, but its mostly lack of creative ideas on my part. There are times when i find something very interesting in the morning and i think that when i get back home in the evening i would create a lengthy, unnecessary blog about it, but evidently even after almost 2 years of consulting i am unable to add enough spice to the topic such that it becomes worth posting..damn my brain…

Lately i have also been thinking whether there is some part of my brain has totally lost the touch it used to have earlier(some of you who actually hated my writings, please ignore), or is it just that there is nothing interesting enough around me these days. I’ll probably go for the later. With quite a few things happening in the world right from the insanely increased gas prices, to the great revelation that Indians are consuming all the rice in the world(hmm, that would have been a good subject to write about..damn my brain again..); from the great cricket being played in IPL to the some not so great incidents(the slapping incident was damn funny man…), there have been enough things to write about, its just that i have not been able to focus enough to convert any of these subjects into an interesting blog…

I am not sure if this attempt to try and find where the fault lies would come as a good read for any of you readers(if you are reading this, you really do have a lot of time :-), but this is my way of trying to coerce myself into the writing habit again…i am missing it pretty badly…

So if any of you have any ideas..i am waiting…


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