I am "LOST"

Posted: June 24, 2008 in lost

Well…its happened to me again…when i ended the freaky rampage, watching “Heroes”, finishing season 1 and season 2 like i am having a late dinner, i had told myself never to do it again…more specifically i had decided never to watch a television series like there is no tomorrow. I proved that i am as incompetent a promise keeper to myself as i am in some other minor daily duties. By the time that you would read this complete entry, i would have completed half of season 4, and maybe i would be sitting on my couch(which by the way is not as comfortable as it used to be), and watching some of the final episodes of LOST trying to figure out why the heck all this ever happened…

Heroes was not as painful, i must say, probably because there were only 2 seasons, but maybe also because it was the first time i had the privilege of watching such a hyped up series online(all legally). Heroes was very fast and pacy, although i must confess having pretty much the same kind of thoughts once season 2 ended on me.

As i keep watching LOST, continuing my epic journey towards that last episode of season 4, i cant hep but admire a couple of facts about the series. For one, how the hell did the creator get hold of such a script? Are people really that good(or twisted, whatever suits you…), or is this actually coming from a bunch of dolphins in an indoor aquarium somewhere deep inside the studios of ABC(refer to one of the episodes of FAMILY GUY, another one of my favorites). Secondly, the only way creators of this series have been able to sustain interest of such a huge mass of people is by clearly showing that there is absolutely no one on that darn island that I as a viewer can actually trust, and that when i go to bed at midnight after watching another round of episodes, my eyes all dazed with the amazing “connections i have made with the island”, i actually have to end up thinking that maybe, just maybe if i would have watched one more, i would have been able to understand what the f@#k is going on, right there, on that freaky island…

Obviously you do know now that i am a big fan, because i have actually made it to season 4, just out of the curiosity of finding out whats happening or whats going to happen next. The sneaky feeling that i have as i write these final lines over here is that there is still a lot to go. I remember complaining back in India about soaps which never end and carry on with senseless plots and worthless characters, and i do complain a lot about LOST as well(ask my wife, she knows all about it), but the big difference here is that as soon as i close the lid of my machine, i would like to go back to the television, and switch on just one more episode of LOST…maybe..just maybe, this next episode is the one which has all the answers i am looking for(i would not mind even if John Locke is the one who finds the answers, although i think he is more likely to blow up something or someone before he does)

Something tells me, thats not quite going to happen that soon…until that does happen i will remain very very “LOST”…(wish this could end with the music post each episode 🙂

  1. Neha says:

    And the best blog award goes to …..’I am Lost’.

  2. Mayank Khanna says:

    Trip, i am with you on Heroes.. watched Season1 + 2 in 2 days staright YES and did something similar to LOST and not so long ago to FRIENDS while in Infosys.. all the time promising myself never to do it again 😉 Now Dexter is NEXT hehe

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