My reasons to blog…why I stopped, and why am I back

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have to say that human mind is a fickle piece of crap..Before I end up offending anyone, its basically me I am talking about here…i actually dont give a crap about other people’s minds.

I still remember the day I started blogging..excited like a little child, I promised myself to keep this habit alive, not only because I enjoyed writing ( I have lately realized that I enjoy talking even more…the bull shit stuff of course, nothing serious), but also because I thought it would be awesomely cool to keep track of what my brain keeps churning…just in case I want to take a peek at my past when I am 60. There was of course the fact that blogging itself was the ‘in thing’ and almost everyone from the Big B to the much hyped ‘Fake IPL player’ were penning their asses down on the Internet. But then everyone falls for cool things…(ask my digital photo frame; it hasn’t seen a lot of light since I purchased it, but it was the ‘in thing’ when I did buy it… now I really don’t care)

So, with zillions of ideas in my mind, and a frick load of enthusiasm I started to blog, jotting down my thoughts and making sure that I carry on doing it. Initially I made it a point to try and write something almost everyday…having always been hugely inspired by Mr. Scott Adams, I also tried to introduce as much humor as my mind could possibly think of; at least my wife thought so (or she was just trying to make me happy)…the initial excitement withered quickly though, not because I was out of ideas or out of time, but probably because I didn’t receive the response I had expected when I started out. An easy argument for me to stop blogging was “no one is reading it…so why should I carry on”…and so, considering this as a strong enough reason, I did stop..

For the past month or so I have been itching to start writing again…to make things look different i exported my blog from ‘blogger’ to ‘wordpress’, but it didn’t help much. The only thing that changed was that my blog was earlier rotting on blogger and now it suffered a similar fate on wordpress. I think I was still looking for better reasons to re start. The reason came when I stumbled on one of the posts of GreatBong, a very very good blogger –

I had always admired his style of writing, but this post was one of the most useful pieces of advice that i have ever read…and like i said in the beginning of the post my fickle human mind took a little comfort from this post of the GreatBong –;.

Now that i am back to my blog, wiping of the dust and thinking of new ideas to bring it back to life, i feel the same sense of excitement as i did when i started…in the back of my mind though i still crave for attention…a little more than the last time…isn’t that always the case though…


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