Another favorite Mithun moment…

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just a quick thought…while surfing through television channels I came across another of Mithun da’s classic movies – “Maa Kasam”.

Obviously you wont be at fault, if you haven’t ever heard of this film…there are just too many to remember…and as Barney Stinson would say they are all…wait for it….. “legendary”

So here goes the opening scene of the movie…The villain…half white and half black haired, with dangerously wicked laughter and deadly associates is hitting the crap out of our bengali champion but is unable to get the required information from him…so he decided to use the ultimate weapon…a king cobra (whom he refers to as a bigger terrorist than himself…i hope the cobra community does not take offence and sue the film makers for this)…The cobra gives his best shot and strikes Mithun da hard…what happens next? Do you want to take a guess?

Well…unfortunately for the cobra, it chokes, and dies…yes and Mithun da is hale and healthy as always smiling away to glory..leaving the villain aghast with the ultimate question … “Tujhme aisa kya hai jo ye saanp bhi mar gaya” (what do you have that killed this snake)…Mithun da’s explanation was even more classic…apparently he and his mother were so poor that one day she bought a bit of poison for them, so that they can die…guess what…the mother dies and Mithun da does not..leaving him with a lifetime supply of anti poison particles in his blood…Classic right!!

My version of the snake’s death is the a little different. I believe the following thoughts were going through its mind before dying – “I am so fricken embarrassed to be in this fricken movie…i had big contracts earlier…have these idiots even seen Nagina and its awesome sequel Nigahein…i was the protagonist in both of those movies…and they give me such a degrading role here…I would rather die…yes..I would commit suicide by choking on my own poison to prove a point…”

Anyway…this goes into my list of “Favorite Mithun moments”…I would be very excited to read about your favorites too…Do post and enlighten the world with the hidden wisdom…spread the word…


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